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Restoration of Perimeter Walls


Restoration of Perimeter Walls

Restoration of the Exterior Walls, the West Wing, Clerestory Level, and Parvis. This year, the restoration of the external walls at the clerestory level, the West Wing, and the parvis was initiated and is expected to be completed in 2021.


The project consists of the restoration of circa 3,750 m² of masonry façades, including the façades forming the lunette, oval windows, and abutment levels; the receded back façade; and the façades overlooking St John Street, Republic Street, and Great Siege Square. The works include the restoration of the hard stone flooring in the main parvis, as well as the rehabilitation and reinstallation of the metal gates.

The restoration works mainly consist of the cleaning and removal of any plasters, cement, or deffun layers; the repointing of these façades; localised stone changing using large stone units, such as vażi and rombli; the recreation of decorative moulding; plastic repair; and localised consolidation. The cleaning process shall commence with simple methods, such as brushing, and then move on to more aggressive techniques until the required level of cleanliness is acquired. Sample tests shall be carried out before the cleaning procedure is started to identify the parameters required to achieve the desired result. A good photographic record before, during, and after the operations, as well as frequent supervision, will be essential.

The architect in charge is Architect Gaston Camilleri of TBA periti.

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