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Tombstones & Monuments


Marble Tombstones & Monuments

Walk on the most beautiful floor in the world.

The Marble Tombstones

The dawn of the seventeenth century brought in a new decorative style referred to as Baroque. During this century, a programme for the embellishment of the interior started when the walls were carved with elaborate motifs of gilded foliage and elaborate marble monuments that transformed the interior into a glowing gem of Baroque art.

The entire floor of the Church is covered with marble tombstones. They commemorate some of the most illustrious knights of the Order. Several of them were members of powerful aristocratic families of Europe. They ranked from grand priors, admirals and bailiffs amongst others, and were often referred to as Most Illustrious Lord Brother Illustrissimus Dominus Frater.

The Latin epitaphs describe the virtues of the individual knight. Each tombstone is charged with messages of triumph, fame, victory and death. Symbols, both ecclesiastical and profane are used in a vibrant visual language of colour and design. One of the most popular symbols is the image of death represented by a skeleton, often with a sickle and an hourglass signifying the passage of time. Another popular symbol is the angel of fame often represented blowing a trumpet to mark the deceased’s honourable reputation. Crowns and coronets indicate the most noble of the knights. The symbols are accompanied by armorial shields and weapons ranging from battle flags to halberds, helmets, and cuirasses. All the tombstones were made following original designs and composed of coloured inlaid marble. They date from the early seventeenth century to the late eighteenth century.

Tombstones covering the floor of the Main Nave at St John’s Co-Cathedral.


1 Grand Master Marc’ Antonio Zondadari Nave
2 Tommaso Accariggi Nave
3 Francois Joachim Saix de Chervé du Nave
4 Dominique Agricola Baroncelli de Javon de Nave
4 Joseph Charles Tressemanes Chastueil de Nave
5 Anna Carlo Luderti de Nave
5 Ludovico Marescotti Nave
6 Didaco Mario Gargallo Nave
7 Joachim Challemaison de Nave
8 Corrado Arezzo Nave
9 Marcello Cavaniglia Nave
10 Charles Vignes Parizot de Nave
11 Garsia Xarava Castro Nave
12 Octave Gallèan de Nave
13 Félix Grimaldi de Nave
14 Fabrizio Maria Visconti Nave
15 Joseph Béon du Casaus de Nave
16 Vincent Saveur Gaillard de Nave
17 Giovanni Battista Ansidei Nave
18 Joseph Marc-Antoine Robins Barbantane de Nave
19 Franz Christoph Sebastian Remchingen von Nave
20 Giovanni Antonio Ildaris de Nave
20 Antonio Ildaris de Nave
20 Lorenzo Ildaris de Nave
21 Giovanni Domenico Mainardi Nave
22 Gaspare Gori Mancini Nave
23 Jacques Seignoret Nave
24 Melchior Alpheran de Bussan Nave
25 Francesco San Martino de Ramondetto Nave
26 Luis Francisco Velarde y Cespedes Nave
27 Tommaso Bene Del Nave
28 Pierre Albertas de Saint-Mayme d’ Nave
29 Charles Augustin Robins Barbantane de Nave
30 Gilbert Montaignac Bord Nave
30 Gabriel Montaignac Chauvance de Nave
31 Didaco Velez de Guevara Nave
32 Rajmundu Albinu Menville Nave
33 Bertrand Moretton Chabrillan de Nave
34 Carlo Francesco Doria Nave
35 Ottavio Tancredi Nave
36 Gaspar Figuera de Nave
37 Melchior Alvaro Periera Pinto Coutineo Nave
38 José Pereyra Pinto Nave
39 Francesco Maria Ferretti Nave
40 Francesco Carvalho Pinto Nave
41 Francois Dupui Trigona Nave
42 Louis Salle de la Nave
43 Nicolaus Enzberg von Nave
44 Francesco Pappalettere Nave
45 Romeo Fardella Nave
46 Traiano Geronda Nave
47 Carlo Carafa Nave
48 Joseph Félix Reynarde de la Nave
49 Gaspar Ponteves Bargème de Nave
50 Jean Charles Romieu de Nave
51 Isnardo San Martino de Nave
52 Giovanni Caccialupi Nave
53 Francesco Bernardino Barba Nave
54 Alphonse Loppin Nave
55 Rutilio Sansedoni Nave
55 Orazio Sansedoni Nave
56 Fabrizio Franzone Nave
57 Felice Lando de Nave
58 Charles Félix Oraison d’ Nave
59 Joseph Langon de Nave
60 Gilbert Fougières Ducluzeau de Nave
61 Jean Philip St Viance de Nave
62 Paul Félines de la Reneaudie de Nave
63 Marcel Gallèan de Nave
64 Giuseppe Majo de Nave
65 Jean-Baptiste Durand Sartoux de Nave
66 Jean François Veran Nave
66 Baltażar Veran Nave
67 Antonio Scudero Nave
68 Charles Marche de Parnac de la Nave
69 Roberto Solaro Nave
70 Pierre Viany Nave
71 Juan Manoel de Vilhena Nave
72 Thomas Fougasse la Bastie de Nave
73 Rodriguez Miraval y Spinola Nave
74 Giovanni Filippo Marucelli Nave
75 José Ballestero la Torre Nave
76 Jacques Loyac de La Bachellerie de Nave
77 Carlo Gattola Nave
78 Jacques François Picot de Combreux Nave
79 Annibale Vicomercati Nave
80 Giulio Bovio Nave
81 Charles Glandeves Cuges de Nave
82 Charles Sevin de Bandeville Nave
83 Guillaume Salle de la Nave
84 Jacques François Chambray de Nave
85 Domingo Pajo Abreu y Lima de Nave
86 Pietro Rosselmini Nave
87 Jean Joseph Simon Blacas d’Aups de Nave
88 Pietro Varavalle de Gaeta Nave
89 Massimiljan Balsan Nave
90 Giuseppe Andrea d’ Nave
91 René Pré du Nave
92 Louis Roger Blécourt Tincourt de Nave
93 Jean Hamel du Nave
94 Louis Fleurigny de Nave
95 Césare Villaneuve Thourenc de Nave
96 Paul Antoine Robins Barbantane de Nave
97 Baldassar Amico d’ Nave
98 Emmanuel Pereyra Nave
99 Giovanni Otto Bosio Nave
100 Augusto Maurizio Benzo de Santena Nave
101 Henri de Martins Champoléon Nave
102 Francois Antoine Castel St Pierre de Nave
103 Cristoforo Balbani Nave
104 Giacomo Cavaretta Nave
105 Jaques Fouille d’ Escrainville de Nave
106 Miguel Torrellas y Sentmanat Nave
107 Octave Gallèan de Nave
108 Jean François Chevestre de Cintray Nave
109 Thomas Villages de Nave
110 Giovanni Francesco Ganucci Nave
111 Gregorio Spinola Nave
112 Paolo Togores y Valenzuela Nave
113 Sigismondo Piccolomini Nave
114 Johann Baptiste Schauenburg von Nave
115 Jean Hector Fay de la Tour Maubourg de Nave
116 Gerolamo Antonio Bagnano Nave
117 Domenico Antonio Chyurlia Nave
118 Antonio Lores Nave
119 Bernardo Gort Nave
120 Henri Salle de la Nave
121 Louis François Pontac Beautiran Burdig de Nave
122 François Mores Ventavon de Nave
123 Francisco Souza e Menszes de Nave
124 Manuel Almeida y Vasconcellos de Nave
125 Giovanni Battista Brancaccio Nave
126 Antonio Correa de Sousa Nave
127 Bartolomeo Tommasi di Cortona Nave
128 Giovanni Battista Spinola Nave
128 Domenico Maria Spinola Nave
129 Juan Ximenez de Vedoja Nave
130 Jean-Gabriel Pollastron La Hillière Ledain de Nave
131 Luigi Mazzingo Nave
132 Martino Alvaro Pinto Nave
133 Nicolas Navinau la Durandière de Nave
134 Paule Antoine Robin de Gravezon de Nave
135 Ludovico Bacci Nave
136 Giovanni Francesco Ricasoli de Nave
137 Lucas Bueno Nave
138 François Tressemanes Chastuel Brunet de Nave
139 Francesco Saverio Azzoni Nave
140 Rosalbo Cavalcanti Nave
141 Miguel Juan Cotoner Nave
142 Jeronimo Ribas Boxados de Nave
Guillaume Francçois Bernart a’ Avernes Nave
143 Gabriel Charles Bernart d’Avernes Nave
143 Eustache Bernart d’Avernes (1) Nave
143 Eustache Bernart d’Avernes (2) Nave
144 Averardo Medici Nave
145 François Seytres Caumons de Nave
146 Francesco Carafa Nave
147 Nicolao Marra di la Nave
148 Pedro Urrea Camarasa Nave
149 Salvu Imbroll Nave
150 Francesco Carafa Nave
151 Henri August Béon de Luxembourg de Nave
152 René Robert Marbeuf de Nave
153 Romualdo Doz Nave
154 Martino Plata Nave
155 Pierre Mosquet Our Lady of Philermos
156 Just Fay Gerlande de Our Lady of Philermos
157 Flaminio Balbiano Our Lady of Philermos
158 Pompeo Rospigliosi Our Lady of Philermos
159 Jean-Jacques Verdelin de Our Lady of Philermos
160 Gwanni Francisku Habela Our Lady of Philermos
161 Denis Polastron la Hilière de Our Lady of Philermos
162 Nicolauo Cavarretta Our Lady of Philermos
163 Charles Fay Gerlande de Our Lady of Philermos
164 Francois Panisses de Our Lady of Philermos
165 Giovanni Deodato Our Lady of Philermos
166 Boniface Puget Chiastuel de Our Lady of Philermos
167 George Castellane d’Aluis Our Lady of Philermos
168 Giovanni Gonzaga Our Lady of Philermos
169 Justin Fay Gerlande de Our Lady of Philermos
170 Claude Blot Vivier de Our Lady of Philermos
171 Juan Garzes y Pueyo de Our Lady of Philermos
172 Vincenzo Martelli Our Lady of Philermos
173 Grand Master Annet Chattes Gessan de
174 Amibile Thiange de Chapel of Auvergne
175 François Crenaulx de Chapel of Auvergne
176 René Crenaulx de Chapel of Auvergne
177 Joseph Fassion de Sainte-Jay Chapel of Auvergne
178 Claude Montagnac de Larfeulière de Chapel of Auvergne
179 Melchior Robles de Chapel of Auvergne
180 Charles Cremaux de Chapel of Auvergne
181 Jean de Baune de Foursat de Chapel of Auvergne
182 Guzeppi Nikola Zamitt Chapel of Auvergne
183 Grand Master Nicola Cotoner Chapel of Auvergne
184 Grand Master Martin Redin de
185 Grand Master Raimondo Despuig
186 Agosto Sanz de la Liosa Chapel of Aragon
187 Arnaldo Seralta Chapel of Aragon
188 Melchior Dureta Chapel of Aragon
189 Miguel Cortes Chapel of Aragon
190 Juan Galdiano Chapel of Aragon
191 Bernardo Ezpeletay Xavier de Chapel of Aragon
192 Martino Novar de Chapel of Aragon
193 Arnaldo Moix Chapel of Aragon
194 Luis Moncada de Chapel of Aragon
195 Grand Master Ramon Perellos y Roccaful Chapel of Aragon
196 Grand Master Raphael Cotoner
197 Barthélemy Bar de Ent. To Cemetery
198 Jean Stéphane Ricard de Ent. To Cemetery
199 Jean Costart de Hottot Ent. To Cemetery
200 Jacques Virieu Pupetieres de Ent. To Cemetery
201 Jean Louis Guerin de Tencin de Ent. To Cemetery
202 Bernardo Scaglia Ent. To Cemetery
203 Hugo Fleurigny de Vauvilliers de Ent. To Cemetery
204 Charles Ignace Dessalles Ent. To Cemetery
205 Mario Bichi Ent. To Cemetery
206 Jean Villeneuve Villivieille de Ent. To Cemetery
207 Laurens Virieu Puppetieres de Ent. To Cemetery
208 José Duenas y Vereterra de Ent. To Cemetery
209 Miguel Oliviero Ent. To Cemetery
210 Richard Robins de Barbantane de Ent. To Cemetery
211 Claude Clinchambs de Bellegarde de Ent. To Cemetery
212 Charles-Pierre Saint-Pol de Ent. To Cemetery
213 Giovanni Battista Afflictis d’ Ent. To Cemetery
214 Jean Baptiste Thaon de Revel de Ent. To Cemetery
215 José Rossel Homedes de Ent. To Cemetery
216 Grand Master Emanuel Pinto
217 Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena
218 Francisco Torres Pacheco y Cardenas de Leon and Castille
219 Fernando Contreras y Arellano Leon and Castille
220 Lauren Mugnos de Figuerea Leon and Castille
221 Francisco Saavedra de Leon and Castille
222 Gundinsalvo Porras de Leon and Castille
223 Balthasar Marcina de Leon and Castille
224 Thomas Hozes de Leon and Castille
225 Ettore Pinto Miranda de Leon and Castille
226 Juan Villaroel de Leon and Castille
227 Flamini Balbiano
228 Ramon Souza da Sylva de Entrance To Oratory
229 Giovanni Battista Amalfitani Entrance To Oratory
230 Pierre Jean Coeur de Entrance To Oratory
231 Annibale Maria Losa Entrance To Oratory
232 Martino Rios de los Entrance To Oratory
233 Innozenz Dietrichstein von Entrance To Oratory
234 Jerôme Monteliu de Entrance To Oratory
235 Giovanni Zarzana Entrance To Oratory
236 Hubert Louis Culant de Entrance To Oratory
237 Francisco Vilallonga y Caportella de Entrance To Oratory
238 Lucio Crescimani Entrance To Oratory
239 Pierre Chapelle de Jumilhac Entrance To Oratory
240 Baldażar Karlu Veran Entrance To Oratory
241 Joseph Mottet Entrance To Oratory
242 Nicolao Maria Frisari Entrance To Oratory
243 Gabriel Freslon de Entrance to Sacristy
244 Stefano Ajroldi Entrance to Sacristy
245 Pietru Neriku Petit Entrance to Sacristy
246 Gwakkin Navarro Entrance to Sacristy
247 Pawlu Bertis Portughes de Entrance to Sacristy
248 Jacobo Rull Entrance to Sacristy
249 Christophe Constans Entrance to Sacristy
250 Alex Binet de Montifroy de Entrance to Sacristy
251 Balthassar Raimond d’Eaux de Entrance to Sacristy
252 Ewstacju Mederiku Audoard Entrance to Sacristy
253 Giovanni Provana Entrance to Sacristy
254 José Almeyda Entrance to Sacristy
255 Scipione Raimond d’Eaux de Entrance to Sacristy
256 Girgor Casha Entrance to Sacristy
256 Celestinu Casha Entrance to Sacristy
257 Charles Guast de Entrance to Sacristy
258 Karlu Farrugia Entrance to Sacristy
259 Fernando Zurita Haro y Augnon Entrance to Sacristy
260 Anglu Grognet Entrance to Sacristy
261 Giuseppe Reitano Entrance to Sacristy
262 Alexandre Eleonor Metayer de la Haye le Entrance to Sacristy
263 Gajetano Bruno Entrance to Sacristy
264 Mattia Preti Entrance to Sacristy
265 Alois George Jumeau de Pierres Entrance to Sacristy
266 Silvio Vincentini Entrance to Sacristy
267 Manwel Borg Entrance to Sacristy
267 Guzeppi Borg Entrance to Sacristy
268 Franz Anton Schönau von Chapel of Germany
269 Ferdinand Stadel von Chapel of Germany
270 Franz Sebastian Wratislau von Chapel of Germany
271 Johann Sigismund Schaesberg von Chapel of Germany
272 Heinrich Ludger Galen von Chapel of Germany
273 Franz Sigismund Thun von Chapel of Germany
274 Wolfgang Philipp Guttenberg von Chapel of Germany
275 Franz Xavier Hassenstein von Chapel of Germany
276 Christan Österhauzen Chapel of Germany
277 Hermann Beveren Chapel of Germany
278 Ferdinand Korff Schmisingh von Chapel of Germany
279 Leopold Ignatz Sauer Ankenstein von Chapel of Germany
280 Philipp Wilhelm Nesselrode von Chapel of Germany
281 Francisco Zurita Exit to the Annex
282 Claude Simiane la Coste de Exit to the Annex
283 Francesco Silvestri Exit to the Annex
284 Guzeppi Lauron Exit to the Annex
285 Miguel Doz Exit to the Annex
286 Vincenzo Puteo da Exit to the Annex
287 Paul Baroncellis Javon Exit to the Annex
288 Mazzeo Grugno Exit to the Annex
289 Anselme Cais (1) de Exit to the Annex
289 Anselme Cais (2) de Exit to the Annex
290 Jacques Saint-Maur-Lordoue de Exit to the Annex
291 Nicolas Culla Saint-Ouen de Exit to the Annex
292 Francesco Sylos Exit to the Annex
293 Cesar Lopez Exit to the Annex
294 Antonino Pontremoli Exit to the Annex
295 Giovanni Francesco Aijroli Exit to the Annex
296 Antoine Rety de Vitre de Exit to the Annex
297 Antonio Ribas y de Castellbell de Exit to the Annex
298 Gilbert Elbene d’ Exit to the Annex
299 Giovan Battista Macedonio Exit to the Annex
300 Francesco Mingnanelli Exit to the Annex
301 Antonio Alifia Exit to the Annex
302 Antonio Mastrillo Exit to the Annex
303 Antonio Tancredi Exit to the Annex
304 Signorino Gattinara Chapel of Italy
305 Pompeo Rospigliosi Chapel of Italy
306 Cappone Capponi Chapel of Italy
307 Void Chapel of Italy
308 Francesco Piccolomini Chapel of Italy
309 Bartolomeo Arezzo e Valle Chapel of Italy
310 Ottaviano Bandinelli Chapel of Italy
311 Ferrante Coiro Chapel of Italy
312 Alexander Benzio Chapel of Italy
313 Giovan Battista Orsini de Rivalta Chapel of Italy
314 Giovanni Gerolamo Salvago Chapel of Italy
315 Ippolito Malaspina Chapel of Italy
316 Void Chapel of Italy
317 Pasquale Gennaro Sarriano Chapel of Italy
318 Giovanni Gerolamo Carafa Chapel of Italy
319 Ottavio Solaro Chapel of Italy
320 Gregorio Carafa Chapel of Italy
320 Grand Master Gregorio Carafa
321 Leone Strozzi Chapel of Italy
324 François Giache Calan de Chapel of France
325 Jacques Armand Vachon Belmont de Chapel of France
325 Victor Nicolas Vachon Belmont de Chapel of France
326 Nicolas Chevestre de Cintray de Chapel of France
327 Henri Estampes Vallancay d’ Chapel of France
328 Claude Saint Simon de Chapel of France
329 François Vion Thesancourt de Chapel of France
330 Balduin Brulart de Genlis Chapel of France
331 Henri Chastelet Moyencourt de Chapel of France
332 Jean Fresnoy de Chapel of France
333 René Vexel du Tertre le Chapel of France
334 Marquis Joachin Wignacourt de
335 Grand Master Adrien Wignacourt de
336 Grand Master Antoine Paule de
337 Grand Master Jean-Paul Lascaris Castellar de
338 Antoine Puget Sainct-Marc de Chapel of Provance
339 Jean Vintimille d’Ollieres de Chapel of Provance
340 Antoine Blacas d’Aups de Chapel of Provance
341 Antoine Riqueti Mirabeau de Chapel of Provance
342 Christophe Seitres Caumons de Chapel of Provance
343 Horace Blacas d’Aups Chapel of Provance
344 Honoré Villeneuve Villevielle de Chapel of Provance
345 Guillaume Vincens Savoillan de Chapel of Provance
346 Pierre Merles Beauchamp des Chapel of Provance
347 Bertrand Moretton Chabrillan de Chapel of Provance
348 Henri Latis Entraigues de Chapel of Provance
349 Nicolas Cabre Roquevaire de Chapel of Provance
350 Francois Foresta Collongue de Anglo-Bavarian Chapel
350 Joseph Foresta Collongue de Anglo-Bavarian Chapel
351 Gregory XIII (papal brief in marble) Crypt
352 Grand Master Pietro del Monte Monte Crypt
353 Oliver Starkey (poem by) Crypt
354 Grand Master Juan Homedes de Crypt
355 Grand Master Pietro Ponte del Crypt
356 Grand Master Claude Sengle de la Crypt
357 Grand Master Martino Garzes Crypt
358 Grand Master Philip Villiers L’Isle Adam de Crypt
359 Grand Master Jean Vallette Parisot de la Crypt
360 Grand Master Alof Wignacourt de Crypt
361 Grand Master Jean Evasque de la Cassière L’ Crypt
362 Grand Master Luis Mendes Vasconcelos de Crypt
363 Grand Master Hugo Loubenx Verdala Crypt
364 Giovanni Francesco Aijroli Oratory
365 Stefano Maria Lomellini (1) Oratory
365 Stefano Maria Lomellini (2) Oratory
366 Ferdinando Vargas y Castro Oratory
367 Giovanni Minutilli Oratory
368 Ignatius Argote y Guzman Oratory
369 Gaspar Monreal de Oratory
370 Francesco Maffei Oratory
371 Coat of arms Giovanni family Oratory
372 Louis Saint Pol de Oratory
373 Carlo Linguilia Oratory
374 Nicola Abri Dezcallar Oratory
375 Louis Mesnil de Simon de Maupas de Oratory
376 Stefano Libreri Oratory
377 Ferdinando Quintanilla y Andra Oratory
378 Bernardo Vecchiettis de Oratory
379 Ramon Caamano Oratory
380 Emanuel Antonio Souza e Almeijda de Oratory
381 Jacques Cordon d’ Evieu de Oratory
382 Juan Pablo Arriaga de Oratory
382 Francisco Riano Orobio y Arriaga Oratory
383 Enrico y Roccafull Oratory
384 Void Oratory
385 Zacharia Doria Oratory
386 José Contreras y Villaroel Oratory
387 Sancho Basurto Oratory
388 Antonio Abreo Oratory
389 Giovanni Andrea Pellerano Oratory
390 Girolamo Nobili di Oratory
391 Louis Mourry Dumesny Pontauray le Oratory
392 Joao Pereira Coutinho Oratory
393 Francisco Guedes de Magelhaes Oratory
394 Alexander Loubert Martainville de Oratory
395 Andrea Giovanni de Oratory
396 Andrea Giovanni (1) de Oratory
396 Giovanni Giovanni (2) de Oratory
397 Caspar Fidel von Schönau von Oratory
398 Pierre Veure de Oratory
399 Emanuel Ballestros Oratory
400 Marion Tressemanes Chastuel Brunet de Oratory
401 Vincenzo Montalto Oratory
402 Guzeppi Chinzio Oratory
403 Giovanni Lanfranco Ceba Oratory
404 Ranom Soler Oratory
405 Dioniso Ceba Oratory


Within the Chapels there are several monuments commemorating important Grand Masters. The only funerary monument outside the chapels is that of Marc’ Antonio Zondadari which was installed in the Main Nave and not in the Chapel of Italy by Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi. In the Italian Chapel, one finds the monument of the Italian Grand Master Fra Gregorio Carafa.

The Chapel of France, there are three monuments of the French Grand Masters: Adrien de Wignacourt and Alof de Wignacourt and an impressive mausoleum dedicated to Emmanuel de Rohan. Within this chapel, there is a Neoclassical monument of the Vicomte de Beaujolais, the brother of King Louis Philippe of France by Jacques Pradier.

The last chapel is dedicated to the Anglo-Bavarian Chapel. Two monuments are dedicated to the Grand Masters from Provence – Jean Lascaris and Antoine de Paule. In this chapel there is a staircase that leads to the Grand Masters’ Crypt, the resting place of the first twelve Grand Masters of the Order, including Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette, the Grand Master who laid the foundation stone of Valletta.

In the Chapel of Auvergne, one monument is dedicated to Grand Master Fra Annet de Clermont-Gessant, whose rule was short-lived.

In the Chapel of Aragon, one finds four beautiful monuments commemorating the Spanish Grand Masters: Raphael and his brother Nicholas Cotoner, the latter by Domenico Guidi, Martin de Redin and a magnificent monument by Giuseppe Mazzuoli to Grand Master Perellos.

The last chapel on the right-hand side belongs to the langue of Castile, Leon and Portugal. Here there are two fine monuments dedicated to two Portuguese Grand Masters – Manoel Pinto and Manoel de Vilhena, the latter by Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi.

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(last admission at 12.00)
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.
Adults €15
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Children Free under 12 years of age (when accompanied by an adult)
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