The oil on canvas representing the Annunciation is a copy of a 15th century painting of the same subject. Commissioned by Pietro Urrea Camarasa, Prior of the church, the painting shows his escutcheon on the left side of the canvas. Even if its first place was the sacristy, it was then moved into the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament. The strainer and the decorative frame were replaced during a past restoration. Despite the good state of conservation of the canvas and the strainer too, the surface appeared to be yellowed due to the ageing of the protective varnish, whilst some areas appeared dull and dried up.

The aim of the restoration was to revive the aesthetic quality of the painting, by cleaning the artwork from the deposits of dust and removing the over painting. The conservation-restoration project was carried out under the attention of the in-house conservator Adriana Alescio and finished in December 2016.