The painting dedicated to the Assumption and the Coronation of the Virgin Mary is one of the largest paintings belonging to the church. It is currently hung on the south wall of the sacristy, above the entrance, but at an earlier stage it had been stored in the Picture Gallery. This oil on canvas painting is dated to the late sixteenth century and is by an unknown artist.

The majority of the restoration work was focused on the removal of the additional past interventions to recover the painter’s original palette and improve the surface condition affected by deformation. Thanks to the infra-red and UV light investigation, it was possible to verify the pictorial composition and clearly distinguish the over painting from the original polychromies.

The conservation-restoration project, completed in April 2018, was carried out by Sac. Charles Vella under the direction of the Foundation’s curator Cynthia de Giorgio and the supervision of the conservator Adriana Alescio.