The restoration of the main facade and the belfries started in 2014 and completed in December 2017. The architectural firm TBA periti had conducted a condition assessment survey in order to establish a conservation strategy and a programme of documentation of the masonry.

The report included detailed descriptions and photographs of the type of deterioration of the site and its early restoration. Part of this process was the removal of encrustation and staining of each block of stone damaged by the weather and the time.

An important intervention was to divert rainwater inwards instead of having it in the middle of the main facade. Furthermore, transparent nets were also affixed in front of small openings in order to avoid pigeons and birds from nesting. The wooden apertures of the towers and the wooden beams of the bells in the belfry were restored to their original state and repainted.

The restoration project was co-financed by the Foundation and the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government. The work, directed by the curator Ms Cynthia de Giorgio, was carried out by a team of restorers from the Restoration Directorate and under the direction of Architect Norbert Gatt and Architect Jean Frendo.