Restoration of the Atriums

The Atriums leading to the north and south doorways of St John’s Co-Cathedral have just undergone major restoration interventions on the initiative of The St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation.

This project consisted of the restoration of the dome and wall carvings of each Atrium which have suffered from deterioration due to the infiltration of rain water from the dome which caused irreparable loss of the gilding and erosion of some carvings. The loss in the gilded areas was extensive and the remaining carvings were covered by a thick layer of candle soot deposits as well as dust and grime that had accumulated over the years. Restoration works began in January 2011.

The first stage of the restoration consisted of the careful removal of the thick layer of dust and candle soot and stubborn encrustations. This was followed by the consolidation of the loose stone carvings after which the walls were prepared for regilding which was carried out using 24 carat gold leaf adopting the same gilding process that was used in the seventeenth century.